Safely in Washington DC

Saturday morning and for once I was RTM (ready to move) on time. After an uneventful early morning drive to Heathrow, we boarded our flight to Washington. Noisiest plane I have been on – sat next to the window the air noise was constant! Then mid-flight, the call over the intercom that I’ve only ever heard in the movies ” Captain would like to know if there is a Doctor on board” The rest of the flight was uneventful, and we landed on time, flew through customs and were greeted by our taxi driver. A 40 minute drive to the hotel, and a quick check in.

Hotel employees are so helpful, but really laid back. The room is huge, but the Hotel really could use a refurb in the hallways etc. Our room is well appointed, and the breakfast is enough to get you through the day.

Day 1 in Washington was wet. In the words of the shuttle driver ” I have never known it rain so bad this time of year, and I was born here” We took the Metro into DC and walked around the sights. Capitol Hill, White House, Washington Memorial, Supreme Court and numerous galleries and Museums. We got soaked, bought an umbrella, and ate maccy d’s.. ‘David Baily’ was on her game despite the weather – 129 photos. Back to the hotel for a soak in a hot bath as jetlag caught up with us.

Drowned rat at the White House

Day 2 in Washington saw the sun make an appearance and the temperature soared. We made our way on the Metro to Arlington National Cemetery. WoW what an impressive way to honour those who served. Why can’t we do something like this for our Serving personnel? The size, and cleanliness was breathtaking – and all so precisely laid out. The gravestones and monuments are gleaming, and at the tomb of the unknown soldier, a soldier stands guard, marching up and down all day.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Lest we forget

Sightseeing over for a while as the reason for the trip takes over. A two day workshop in Maryland tomorrow, then off to Pittsburgh for a weeks research in the community.

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