Passavant Senior Community

As we pulled into the Community after our drive from the airport, I was gobsmacked – such a descriptive word for how I felt – by the size of the building. Passavant covers 42 acres and has over 600 residents who vary from independent living, through to nursing care. The buildings are awesome. The ground floor is laid out like a town street with shops, the library, fitness centre, Bistro etc. The second floor has independent elders, who may need the services of the care staff, so choose to stay in the main building rather than the houses in the grounds. the third floor houses the dementia residents, as well as being the Montessori floor. There are also nursing wings on each floor.

The garden area with fishpond and tributes
The music Area

Working closely with Mary Anne, the Lifestyle Director, I spent the last two days helping to organise the Sports Club room activities and displays . I attended a music session, two team Huddles and worked with some of the residents in the Garden room. I cannot believe how calm and peaceful the atmosphere is on each floor. Staff are calm too. The building is huge, and tastefully decorated throughout. Montessori activities are laid out where they are accessible to all. All care staff engage in the programme with the elders, encouraging them and working with them throughout the day. Wayfinding signs and visual cues are strategically placed so that elders can move around effortlessly and independently.

Cleaning utensils
Wayfinding & Visual cues

One thought on “Passavant Senior Community

  1. Thank you for those beautiful pictures , it’s heavenly there , you will be able to add your personality and your ideas with all , this is a life changing experience for all , I’m enjoy reading your blog , the care over there isn’t like a institution it’s like a home and you become a family


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