From Passavant to Chardon

Working with Mary Ann and the residents at Passavant was a wonderful experience, and I learnt so much. MaryAnn and I shared so many ideas that I cannot wait to get back home to implement them! However , all good things must come to an end, and on Wednesday morning after saying our goodbyes, we travelled up to Chardon. The drive was easy and uneventful, but the countryside was lovely. We found the hotel easily enough……… but it was a motel and the photos online must have been taken by a special effects camera!! The place was horrid, and we stayed just long enough to use the wi-fi to book another hotel! Luckily there was still 3 hours free cancellation time left on so it cost nothing. We moved to a wonderful place, and the receptionist even upgraded our room ! What a pleasant surprise. Even better when we found it was only a 4 minute drive to my first appointment, and only about 9 mins from Jennifer’s house.

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