Observations at Hershey

On Thursday morning we set off to observe at the Hershey Montessori school. In the morning we obvserved the 6-9 yr environment, then the 8-12 yr environment at the Concord Campus. It was inspiring to see the Montessori philosophy that we are taught being played out in the classroom. The calmness and co-operation was a wonder to behold – and Russ was blown away by it all!

We then had lunch in Chardon – a lovely little cafe with the tastiest tomato & basil soup. We walked around the town, marvelling at the architecture, before heading off to the Huntsburg Campus to observe at the Highschool. The farm school was breathtakingly beautiful. There are 80 students, and 20 are boarders. The children take care of the animals and all the cleaning. Again we were impressed by the calmness on campus. The buildings were stone and wood – handmade by the local Amish Community.

That evening we had dinner with Jennifer and her family. We spoke of our observations, and the learning I did at Passavant. Gaining knowledge about implementing the Montessori & Dementia programme is the aim of my visit, and Jennifer shared her work readily.

After dinner Russ and I drove out to Mentor, to Lake Erie. We got some lovely photos of the sunset, which I think Russ has posted on his blog. ( I still need to transfer the photos to the laptop) We saw a skunk, and a groundhog and several different birds.

One thought on “Observations at Hershey

  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences , it’s so exciting to follow you and your adventures and all that you learning , I know you will make a difference when you get back introducing new ideas and sharing the knowledge you have learnt


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