San Francisco then Goodbye USA

With my work in Canada done, and our trip to Edmonton scuppered, we repaired to San Fransico instead. From Niagara this involved a car trip back to Cleveland, a flight to Atlanta, Georgia, then on to San Francisco. And all this over Memorial weekend – yes, veterans and serving personnel actually have a Public Holiday in their Honour!. The drive was scenic and uneventful. The overnight Hotel stop was time to repack for air travel, and was pleasant enough. The flight to Atlanta was ok, but the SF flight had to reroute around the heavy storms lashing the mid-west. Not only that, I had neglected to read the ‘flight duration’ and did not realise we were crossing time zones – so our 2 hr flight was actually 5hrs! As we flew around the storm we could see the lightning in the clouds. An amazing sight to see, but a bit disconcerting being in a plane at the time. The time spent in San Francisco was packed with sightseeing. Pier 39, Coit Tower, Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard street (Crooked Street), a ride on the trolley car, all on foot and by bus. Our time in the US came to an end and I will take away overriding memories of automatic flushing toilets ( first time it happened I almost needed the toilet again!) and a distinct lack of tea making abilities alongside my memories of the places I’ve been and the people I’ve met.

Trolley car
Pier 39

Golden Gate Bridge
Lombard street – the Crooked street
Coit Tower
on the Golden Gate bridge

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